The MyPrint® assessment

What is the MyPrint® assessment?

Established by Talentoday, MyPrint® is a self-reported questionnaire, scientifically designed to explore individual personality and motivations at work through 155 questions, with an average completion time of 20 minutes.

Can I retake the assessment?

Yes. You can retake the assessment every 6 months. We ask you to wait 6 months between 2 evaluations in order to offer you reliable and accurate results. If you take the questionnaire several times within a short period of time, a learning bias may affect your results. We encourage members to retake the assessment every 6 months to discover how they have grown and how their professional motivations have evolved.

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Why is there no back button?

We encourage users to respond to the questions instinctively and try not to think twice about the answers. For this reason, we do not include a back button in the assessment.

Is the MyPrint® assessment reliable and valid?

The MyPrint® assessment has been shown to be both reliable and valid, meaning that it measures what it claims to be measuring, in statistical terms. Furthermore, the MyPrint® questionnaire is built on the latest advancements in psychometrics: we used the Item Response Theory (IRT) methodology in order to be able to generate highly granular scores.

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Why do I have to choose between two statements? Both/Neither answers fit me

We know that it can sometimes be tough to make a choice between two statements that are equally appealing or that do not apply to you. It’s normal that you feel frustrated sometimes: you would like to choose both statements, or neither statement fits you. Yet, this forced-choice approach is currently one of the most efficient ways to accurately evaluate individual personality and motivations.